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8 Things We Loved About J.K. Rowling’s New Harry Potter Short Story

Christmas came early this year for Harry Potter fans around the world when J.K. Rowling surprised them by publishing a brand new story reuniting your favorite wizards at a Hogwarts school reunion. Here’s what we loved about the latest addition to the classic series.

1. Everyone Was Wearing Capes: J.K. Rowling spent most of the story going into precise and vivid detail on the capes people wore to the Hogwarts reunion. Our favorite? Neville Longbottom’s velvet mid-length.

2. Harry’s Previously Unmentioned Best Friend Gavin Appears For The First Time: Never once mentioned in the original books, Harry’s best friend Gavin appears for the first time in the new story, and we’re led to believe that he was actually present for most of the events described in the series. He and Harry seem to get along really well.

3. The Adjectives: As usual, Rowling is in top form with her use of adjectives, using ones like “silver,” “eccentric,” and even the impressively hyphenated “style-deficient.”

4. Hermione And Ron Hired A Surrogate: It was nice to see that Ron and Hermione have overcome Hermione’s barren womb, first addressed in The Goblet Of Fire, in bringing a very pregnant surrogate to the reunion.

5. Better Hagrid: We were left floored after we found out that shortly after the events of the final book, Hagrid was eaten by a bigger, identical version of Hagrid, who the characters call “Better Hagrid.”

6. Shocking Revelations: We were equally stunned by the somewhat bizarre moment where Hermione sadly reveals that Hollywood star Justin Long died in a car accident in 2018.

7. New Powers: Easily the best part of the whole story was the revelation of all the new magical abilities Harry had learned since we last saw him, including the power to transform into a beehive, the power to transform into an ant mound, and the power to transform into a spiderweb.

8. The Ghost of Dumbledore: Even though it is never mentioned in the story, we assume the ghost of Dumbledore was there watching over the festivities.