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9 Kids In Our Homeroom Who Definitely Get High

These kids are totally always stoned. Everyone knows it.

1. Will Hastings

His hair is a lot longer than last year, and his eyes are always so red.

2. Greg Mokate

He skateboards and plays bass in Trevor’s band. If Greg doesn’t get high, I don’t know who does.

3. Elise Vandernat

She got that tongue ring last year. No way she hasn’t moved on to drugs already.

4. Luke Douglas

Everyone knows this kid is totally hilarious. There’s no way he comes up with that stuff sober.

5. Alison Nguyen

She used to date Brandon, so…

6. Eddy Blass

He may get straight A’s, but Jess Werther says he sold a joint to Kelli Pratt for junior prom, and she’s usually right about this kind of stuff.

7. Rain Jenkins-Gutierrez

Her name’s Rain. Come on.

8. Mr. Epstein

He’s not technically a kid, but there’s no way this guy doesn’t toke up when he’s off the clock.

9. Louis Peters

Haha. There’s no way Louis actually smokes, but can you imagine if he did? We would totally pay money to see that.