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9 Otters Who Don’t Realize We Just Want To Be Left Alone Right Now

Looks like some adorable otters have swum by to brighten up our day, even though that’s the last thing we want right now.

1. This fluffball could put a smile on almost anyone’s face. But not us. Not right now.

2. Mr. Otter doesn’t have a care in the world, just lounging in the water. He doesn’t even care that we might need to be by ourselves today.

3. This little guy is just too much! Seriously, what with everything going on, we’re just not in the mood.

4. This guy’s ready to play! Unfortunately, we are not. Just go away, little fella. It’ll be better for everyone.

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5. Oh, look, two buddies enjoying some food. Maybe they could just do something without us. We’d only bum everyone out.

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6. This guy OT-TER know that everyone processes emotions differently, and just because a cute sea mammal is what some people need, that doesn’t mean it’s what WE need.

7. Look, stop it, okay? Just stop it!…Sorry, didn’t mean to snap, but this is what we mean when we say we can’t be around otters right now.

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8. If anything, this is making it worse.

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9. Thanks to this otter for respecting our space. Let’s try this again when we’re feeling up to it.