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A Beautiful Tribute: This Woman Always Feels Kind Of Bad When She Sees That The Time Is 9:11

The September 11th attacks were a horrible tragedy that changed our nation forever, and it is vital that we reflect upon them with great solemnity and respect. The following story is about a woman who treats that infamous day with the gravity it deserves: this woman always feels kind of bad when she sees that the time is 9:11. 

Wow. What a beautiful way to remember those who lost their lives in that brutal terrorist attack.

In a powerful tribute to the thousands of Americans who tragically died on 9/11/2001, every time 36-year-old Kristen Lionne looks at the clock and sees that it’s 9:11, an uncomfortable gloom enters her mind and does not fade until it’s 9:12 or she forgets about it—whichever comes first. Even though Kristen will sometimes go weeks or months without ever explicitly noticing that it’s 9:11, whenever she does, she will shake her head back and forth as a memorial both to those who died in the attacks themselves and those who passed away trying to save others. 

A patriot through and through, Kristen feels the same tragic pangs in her gut whenever she checks out at a shop or cafe and the total comes to $9.11. When this happens, she often shares her moment of remembrance by making a wincing face at the cashier while saying “yikes” before handing over her credit card, at which point the cashier usually cannot help but nod somberly in return. 

What an incredibly moving gesture. It’s clear Kristen carries the tragic history of 9/11 close to her heart. Let her beautiful tributes serve as an example to us all!