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Actions Have Consequences: George H.W. Bush’s Wheelchair Has Been Permanently Tipped 70 Degrees Backward To Punish Him For Groping Women

In today’s post-Harvey Weinstein climate, there’s a surge of calls to hold powerful men accountable for their actions. Since two women came forward alleging that George H.W. Bush groped them during photo ops over the last several years, outcry against him has been swift and severe, and as punishment for the former president’s actions, his wheelchair has been permanently tipped 70 degrees backward.

Wow. This should send a clear message to President Bush that the actions of rich and powerful men are finally starting to have some consequences.

In Bush’s new rotated state, the 93-year-old former president is still mobile, but only able to face mostly upwards, and should be experiencing a constant feeling of vertigo. The punishment additionally serves as a preventative measure, as Bush’s tilt combined with his already-reduced range of motion makes it extremely difficult for him to reach anyone’s backside. The elder statesman will remain rotated backwards in this way for the remainder of his life, serving as a constant reminder that the era of “boys being boys” is finally coming to an end.

At last, it’s starting to seem like no one is too powerful to avoid accountability. Hopefully, now as President Bush rolls around, teetering precariously at a 70-degree angle, it serves as a reminder that sexual harassment is a serious crime that society is no longer willing to tolerate.