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All God’s Creatures

From the beasts of the land to the fish in the sea, God created them all, each in its proper place. They are all God’s creatures.

1. The Elephant

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Look upon the elephant’s tusks. Are they not majestic? The elephant is one of God’s greatest creatures.

2. The Lion

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Fierce and strong, the lion is God’s most powerful creature. Behold its magnificent mane.

3. The Whale

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God created the whale to rule the sea, and that it has always done. The whale is also one of God’s creatures.

4. The Dove

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Is there a creature more beautiful than the dove? No. It is truly a beautiful creature of God.

5. The Bear

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God created the bear, and what a mighty creature it is. The bear, too, is one of God’s creatures.

6. The Mouse

The mouse is a nuisance to all. But to God, the mouse is simply a creature. A creature of God.

7. The Sheep

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The sheep is a humble beast, a gentle creation of a loving God. Who dares say the sheep is not one of God’s finest creatures?

8. Man And Woman

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To rule over the creatures of the Earth, God created man and woman. Together, they are glorious creatures of God.

9. And That Is All Of God’s Creatures.

There are no other ones. That’s it.