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Amazing: Here’s What The Average Member Of Simon And Garfunkel Looks Like

What does it look like to be a member of Simon and Garfunkel? Is it possible to imagine the face of the “average” member of Simon and Garfunkel? What would happen if you brought the full range of faces in Simon and Garfunkel together as one?

These are the fascinating questions that digital artist Natasha Croyden sought to answer through a visionary photography project in which she combined the faces of every member of Simon and Garfunkel in hopes of discovering the face of the band’s “average” member.

Croyden first compiled photo portraits of every single member of Simon and Garfunkel, then aligned and overlaid them to match the features up. The result is breathtaking.

In the composite photo, Croyden has captured the essence of Simon and Garfunkel: multiple members in one band; multiple people in one face. It’s a powerful testament to the idea that Simon and Garfunkel is at once a melting pot and a mosaic.

What does the image evoke for you? Perhaps it reminds you of one of the Simon and Garfunkel members you know, or maybe it simply conjures up the extraordinary warmth and humanity of Simon and Garfunkel at large.

Either way, it’s absolutely transfixing: the whole of Simon and Garfunkel, distilled into a single image. It’s amazing cultural projects like this one that stimulate our imaginations and invite us all to ponder the deeper meaning of what it means to be in Simon and Garfunkel, and what it might mean in 10, 20, or even 50 years.