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An Underdog Story: These Amazing Parents Outlived Their Child

This one’s for all the underdogs out there.

When Richard and Jeannie Aldetto had their son, Shane, they never expected to outlive him. For starters, he was over 30 years younger than both of them, and therefore significantly further from death. But on top of that, Shane had always been in good shape and had no serious health problems. No matter how they looked at it, the chances of them outliving their strong and healthy boy seemed slim to none.

But they were underestimating themselves.

Because when a car accidentally struck and killed Shane just days after his 17th birthday, this incredible mother and father managed to beat the odds and live longer than their tragically departed son. Amazing!

“No one expects to have to bury their child,” said Jeannie, who, at age 54, has achieved what many thought impossible by outlasting her son. “I just kept thinking, this isn’t supposed to happen. I’m supposed to die first, not him. It was a complete and total shock.”

Jeannie’s being modest, but the reality is that she and her husband were up against some truly incredible odds! Pretty much everyone (including them!) had written them off as the ones who would be first to go.

But boy, were they wrong.

In the face of adversity, Richard and Jeannie rose to the challenge and managed to outlive their beloved child, proving to the world that nothing is impossible.