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At Long Last: Waze Is Adding A Feature That Reroutes You To Drive Past The Trucks Transporting Horses

Drivers of the world, get ready for the most incredible announcement you’re going to hear all day. The navigation app Waze just introduced a new feature that reroutes drivers by any nearby trucks that are transporting horses so that everyone can get a good look at them!

Day. Officially. Made. This is going to completely change the way that people drive forever.

From now on, when a Waze driver sees a trailer full of horses on the road, they simply flag the location of the horse truck on the app and all Waze users within a 50-mile radius will immediately be rerouted to drive directly to the horses. This will ensure that the Waze user gets a good look at the horses’ faces through the slits in the trailer, and maybe even sees their tails swishing around if it’s one of those trailers where you can see through the bars in the back.

For added convenience, once the driver catches up with the truck transporting all the beautiful horses, the Waze app will delete the driver’s original destination entirely so that they can focus on following the horses and trying to get their attention by honking the horn or sticking their head out of the window to yell at the horses that they love them.

As if that weren’t already awesome enough, Waze will also send drivers automated notifications reminding them to wave at all the nice horses as they drive past, as well as notifications pointing out that driving past a horse truck on the road is like getting a surprise visit to the zoo while you’re driving.

It’s awesome to see the people at Waze working so hard to make driving infinitely more enjoyable! Pretty soon, it will be easier than ever to find all the horse trucks on the road and look at the horses while you drive. We can’t wait to try out this incredible new feature!