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Awesome! Koala Kare Has Announced That If There Are Any Adults Out There Who Want To Lie Down On Its Baby-Changing Tables And Change Their Pants, Then Have At It

If you’re not the parent of a toddler, then baby-changing tables probably aren’t a part of your day-to-day routine, but that might be set to change: Koala Kare just announced that if there are any adults out there who want to lie down on its baby changing tables and change their pants, then they can have at it.

Um, yeah, it’s official: This is about as big as it gets!

For as long as Koala Kare has been manufacturing its changing stations, the strict 0 to 3 age policy printed on each table’s warning label has completely boxed out any adults who might like to climb up there themselves and lie on their backs while they slip into some fresh pants, but it looks like those days are over.

“We’re proud to announce that if any adults out there have been waiting for the green light to climb aboard our little fold-out changing tables, stretch their legs out over the edge, and slide into a pair of jeans or chinos that they brought into the bathroom with them, they can go right ahead, ” Koala Kare CEO Michael Woods said in a press conference today. “It’s honestly pretty rare to walk into a mall bathroom and see someone changing a baby, which means our tables are just sitting there unused most of the time, so by all means, if you’re an adult and you see an available Koala Kare station, go ahead and lie down, pull off your old pants, and pull up your new ones. No problem at all.”

So. Awesome. Koala Kare just gave the greatest gift imaginable to every adult out there who’d like to change their pants in public but need to be lying down to do it. Be sure to sound off in the comments if you’re planning on taking advantage of this amazing opportunity!