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Awesome: There Is Probably Something Called ‘CoffeeFest’ Or Maybe ‘BeanFest’ Happening In Your Area Sometime

Attention all coffee lovers: Get out your mugs, because sometime soon there’s something called “CoffeeFest” or “BeanFest” that is likely going to be happening in your area!

That’s right! “Cup Of Joe Fest” or “Java Jamboree” will feature different types of beans from Central America or South America or Africa, or maybe all three, or a combination of any two, and you will potentially get to meet one of the coffee farmers but almost definitely some of the local roasters. At least one of these roasters will probably be demonstrating the Chemex brewing method, if that interests you.

Sign us up!

Like latte art? Well, there could be a latte art competition. Come see local and visiting baristas show off their skills, or maybe that won’t happen!

You might get to see something like this?

In all likelihood, there will be some cerebral indie rock groups or pensive acoustic singer-songwriters or perhaps a bluegrass band playing on a small stage at your local “Espresso Expo.” Most of the acts will probably be local, but maybe one or two will be a band you kind of remember from a few years ago. Songs titled “Not Going Nowhere” or “Long Road Home” or “Lemons For Sarah” will plausibly be played at some point.

You’re almost going to certainly see some sponsorship from Chevrolet or Bank of America or a regional energy company. This sponsor will probably have a little tent where it gives away keychains, and everyone working the tent will have on the same-color shirt with the slogan “Coffee Puts You In Drive, Let Chevrolet Do The Same” or “Just Say No To Decaf Banking” or “Coffee Turns Our Lights On.” You can conceivably get one of these shirts if you go up to that booth and ask for one; there’s possibly a big box of them, but probably no mediums left, but maybe there will be. It’s worth asking.

This guy may be there!

So exciting that this amazing event is coming right to your backyard or somewhere within 90 miles of you!

Admission is either free or $15, or $800 for the Golden Bean or Coffee King or Emerald Mug donor level. Now, go get your coffee buzz on this weekend or some other weekend in the next few months!