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Awesome: Wayfair Is Sending All Of Their Previous Customers A Piece Of Wood With A Dent In It And A Hex Key As A Thank You For Helping Them Become The Go-To Shop For Broken, Fucked Up Furniture

If you’ve ever ordered a piece of furniture from Wayfair, you’re in luck, because the company has unveiled exciting plans to show how much they’ve appreciated your support: Wayfair is sending all of their previous customers a piece of wood with a dent in it and a hex key as a thank you for helping them become to the go-to shop for broken, fucked up furniture.

So much yes! This is such awesome news for anyone who owns some random piece of vaguely mid-century particle board furniture!

As announced on their website earlier today, the furniture company will be mailing prior customers a dented piece of wood, a hex key, or some loose nuts and bolts as a token of their gratitude for helping them become one of the most popular places to order furniture online despite the fact that all of their items arrive with some massive, glaring flaw. As the company notes, even though Wayfair furniture will look at best decent because the gash in the wood was fortunately on the backside of the item, or at worst downright terrible because it was missing so many parts you couldn’t even assemble it, every item still has like a 4.4 star rating, and for that, the company wants to extend their warmest thanks.

“It means the world to us that you’ve chosen Wayfair as your number one choice for barstools that you have to stick a piece of cardboard underneath to keep from wobbling and chipped end tables that won’t look right in any room you stick them in, and that’s why we’ll be sending you some random items lying around our warehouse as a way to show how honored we are,” explained the company on their website. “And if those parts we send as a thank you gift just so happen to be the parts you needed to finish assembling a piece of furniture you ordered from us that you’d otherwise given up on because our customer service ignored your many calls and emails, know that it wasn’t our intention, but we hope it proves just how wonderful it is to be part of the Wayfair family anyway.”

This is so cool! What a great way to show your customers how much you care! If there was ever a reason to order an item from Wayfair rather than ordering the exact same item from Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Overstock, or Walmart instead, it’s definitely this. Way to go, Wayfair!