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Aww: Animal Experts Are Saying Cats Really Do Miss Their Owners If That’s What You Need To Hear

Pet lovers, get excited, because scientists have just revealed some fascinating information about your feline friends: Animal experts are saying cats really do miss their owners when they’re gone if that’s what you need to hear!

Wow! What exciting news!

A team of animal behaviorists at Northwestern University recently concluded that if you really need to think of your relationship with your cat this way, then yes, cats form genuine attachments with their owners and become deeply emotionally distressed when these beloved humans leave them.

“Over the course of several years of study, we have determined that we’ve got no problem telling you your presence is absolutely essential to your cat’s happiness if that’s an idea you want to base your whole life around,” explained lead researcher Carmela Daniel. “Do you like to think that when you’re out of your house your cat sits by the door depressed, waiting for you to return so its life will be worth living again? Okay, well, then that’s what they do. Hope that makes you happy.”

This is fascinating! Looks like your kitten really does love you if that’s what you want to tell yourself!

The researchers went on to explain that if your sense of self is so wrapped up in your relationship with your cat that you need to believe it both recognizes your good qualities and thinks about them when you’re gone, you can feel free to just tell yourself that that’s the case. “It seems like some people have a lot riding on it, so why not—let’s say that a house cat typically looks at its owner as a sort of combination of a soulmate and a god,” continued Daniel. “Feel free to go around thinking that if you were to die, your cat would never recover and would spend the remainder of its life fantasizing about reuniting with you in heaven, sure.”

Wow. This is completely groundbreaking info for all the cat owners out there who have been begging to hear about this type of study for a long time. It’s so adorable to know that you might as well go ahead and decide to believe that furry companion is totally obsessed with you!