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Beautiful And Accurate! This Woman Has A Wooden Sign That Says ‘Kitchen’ In Her Kitchen

Typically, decorating your house involves making some tradeoffs between form and function, but this story is about an incredible household item that’s just as practical as it is pleasing to the eye: This woman has a wooden sign that says “Kitchen” in her kitchen.

Awesome! This sign is not just gorgeous—it’s also spot on.

Linda Rothman of Montgomery, Alabama truly struck gold at T.J. Maxx when she was furnishing her kitchen, because this sign is a decorative flourish for the ages. Its rustic, etched-wood style gives the room a charming farmhouse look, and even better, its simple message is 100 percent fact-based and error free. Anytime Linda or her family are looking at the stylish sign, they can pinpoint with laser accuracy the exact room of the house in which they are standing (i.e. the kitchen), and that is a beautiful thing! When shopping for decor, Linda had many options to choose from, and she could’ve easily settled for a sign that said something vague and uninformative, like “HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS,” or a sign that said something downright inaccurate, like “THIS IS THE BATHROOM,” but she instead nailed it right on the head with an attractive sign that serves as a shining beacon for all who are searching for the room where the stove and fridge are located. 

Go, Linda!

Linda is still deciding where to hang her “WHAT HAPPENS IN THE GARAGE STAYS IN THE GARAGE” sign, but we trust she’ll eventually knock it out of the ballpark just like she did with her kitchen sign. She’s just got that vision, and we could not be more impressed. Incredible work, Linda!