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Beautiful! Here’s What The Muppets Would Look Like As Women Of Color

Whether or not you love ‘The Muppets,’ you’ve definitely never seen them like this before. One photographer made this incredible series of pictures showing what your favorite furry creatures would look like as women of color, and the results are extraordinary.

We all know Kermit as a smart-mouthed frog, but he is equally stunning as a tall and proud African-American lady.

Miss Piggy is beautiful, regardless of her race.

Who says Fozzie Bear can’t be black and a woman?

As a strong, proud Hispanic woman, Sam the Eagle is a role model young girls of color can look up to.

Wow. Endlessly illuminating.

If you don’t think Statler and Waldorf could ever be a different race and gender, this photo will make you overcome your prejudices.

No matter what color your skin is, you can accomplish great things.

This photo will change the way you see Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. Amazing!