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Beautiful: This Cartoon Imagines A World Without Racism Or Shovels

Now here’s an amazing project that will make you want to fight for change.

Even in 2016, racism remains a powerful global epidemic, and it seems impossible to envision a world without it. But what if we could? That’s exactly what illustrator Kelly Egan accomplished when she recently put pencil to paper to create a cartoon that perfectly imagines a world without racism or shovels.

Absolutely beautiful.

The issue itself might be complicated, but the questions the cartoon answers are simple: What if we treated all races the same? What if skin color was no longer a thing that divided us? What if saying the word “shovel” made everyone within earshot say, “What’s that?” Suddenly, the big ideas of mutual respect for everyone and having no other option than to dig with your hands come into crystal-clear focus. And it’s all thanks to Egan’s masterful work.

Most of us have just accepted that racial prejudice and shovels are among the facts of human existence, but it’s nice to know that people like Kelly are there to challenge the rest of us with a glimpse of a stunning alternative. Thanks to her brilliant depiction we can now aspire to a more harmonious world: a place where people of all colors are treated equally and even a single shovel is impossible to come by.