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Body Positivity Win: Schick’s New Ad Campaign Argues That Women Don’t Have To Shave To Be Beautiful, But They Still Need Schick Razors For Self Defense

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If you love hearing about big name companies that are making body positivity a priority, this awesome story is sure to put a smile on your face: Schick just released a new ad campaign claiming that women don’t have to shave to be beautiful, but they still need Schick razors for self defense.

So awesome! This is body positivity at its finest!

This week, Schick released a series of advertisements with a simple but powerful message: though women don’t need to get rid of their body hair to feel worthy and attractive, they should continue buying Schick razors to use as weapons in the event of an attack on their person. The empowering campaign includes several must-watch commercial spots that are feminist AF. In one, a woman is shown examining her growing underarm hair in a bathroom mirror with a smile, then looking down her Schick razor with a shake of her head. Just as she goes to throw the razor in the trash, a masked intruder bursts into her bathroom, and she whips around and uses the razor to slit his throat. As the attacker falls to the ground, blood spurting from his neck, the woman turns to the camera and delivers one of the campaign’s awesome body positive slogans: “Natural body hair is a good look, but getting murdered isn’t. Use your Schick to stay safe!”

Wow. It’s so heartwarming to see advertising used to spread an amazing message like this one!

The ads also highlight Schick razors’ unmatched self defense features, like five-blade technology that ensures a clean swipe at your attacker’s jugular, and an ergonomic rubber handle that is easy to grab from your purse or pocket in the event of an assault. “When you find yourself in a hairy situation, Schick’s there to help you kill,” reads one print ad, which shows a woman with visible body hair brandishing a Schick at an attacker in a darkened alleyway.

Yes, yes, and yes! This is how you do body positivity in 2021!

Kudos to Schick for using their platform to push the progressive message that, though women do not need to shave their body hair to conform to ridiculous beauty standards, they absolutely do need razors to fatally subdue attackers. So powerful! Here’s hoping the rest of the beauty industry starts joining Schick in empowering women with the weapons they deserve!