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Campaign Setback: Gary Johnson’s Phone Is Almost Out Of Data

Gary Johnson just can’t seem to get it together.

The Libertarian candidate for president has had his share of gaffes throughout the election, but this latest setback could be the one that officially brings his campaign to an end. With only three weeks to go until Election Day, the former governor of New Mexico’s phone is almost out of data.

Well, Gary, you can’t blame the two-party system for this one.

Running for president requires constant access to email, but it looks like that was just too much for the 10-gigabyte-per-month family plan Johnson shares with his partner and two grown children. According to the automated text alert Johnson received from Verizon early last week, he’s already used up 90 percent of his data allowance for the month. With a billing cycle that doesn’t end until the 28th and no rollover data to fall back on, the prospects have never been bleaker for the third-party candidate.

Still, Governor Johnson has made it absolutely clear that he isn’t going down without a fight. Johnson is now requesting the Wi-Fi password at every single one of his rally venues, and he’s started borrowing his running mate Bill Weld’s phone whenever he wants to check up on the latest polling. But these final few weeks will certainly be an uphill battle for the candidate, as he continues to poll well below 10 percent and his son, Erik, keeps streaming 1080p YouTube videos on his morning commute to work.

Will Gary’s refusal to spend $24 to add an extra two gigs of data to his plan come back to haunt him? It certainly isn’t looking good at the moment. The only bright spot for Gary Johnson is that he has unlimited texting, but that may prove too little, too late for his campaign that still hasn’t found its legs. As long as he has to put his phone on airplane mode whenever there’s no Wi-Fi available, Gary’s going to find it tough to make a splash in November.