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Can You Identify All The Parts Of Tony Shalhoub From Memory?

Can You Identify All The Parts Of Tony Shalhoub From Memory?

This is not an open-book quiz, so put away your Tony Shalhoub almanac and Monk Anatomy Map and get ready for a challenge: can you identify all the parts of Tony Shalhoub from memory?

Let’s start off with an easy one. Do you remember which part of Tony Shalhoub this is?

1. Yes, of course. This is the entrance to Tony Shalhoub.
2. I’m not sure, but I think this might be Tony Shalhoub’s leg.
3. This is Tony Shalhoub’s stamen, a male reproductive organ used to fertilize females of the species.
4. If I’m not mistaken, this part does not appear on Tony Shalhoub.

Here is one of the most well-known parts of Tony Shalhoub. What is it called?

1. This part is known as the Roof of Tony Shalhoub.
2. Again, I’m not totally sure, but this looks to me like Tony Shalhoub’s leg.
3. This is Tony Shalhoub’s petal. Its vibrant color attracts insects, and also provides beauty for all the world to admire!
4. I’m pretty sure this part is not included on Tony Shalhoub—at least not on the version I'm familiar with. If this is a trick question intended to make me doubt my knowledge of Tony Shalhoub, then congratulations: it worked.

This might be a little tougher, but see if you can name this Tony Shalhoub part.

1. Inside here is Tony Shalhoub’s main room.
2. Take this with a grain of salt, because I’m not 100 percent positive, but I think this is at least one of Tony Shalhoub’s legs. If not, it might be a foot.
3. This central part of Tony Shalhoub is called the ovary—inside it are Tony Shalhoub’s ovules, which develop into seeds when fertilized.
4. This seems far too large to be an element of Tony Shalhoub. The Tony Shalhoub I have studied is at most one eighth the size of this so-called “part.” Please research more carefully before you publish a Tony Shalhoub quiz like this again.

Keep your notes out of sight! Which part of Tony Shalhoub is this?

1. This is, of course, Tony Shalhoub’s Christmas light display.
2. This is a tough one, but my answer is leg.
3. This is one of Tony Shalhoub’s sepals, which protect him when he is in his bud stage before he blossoms each spring.
4. There is simply no way this is a part of Tony Shalhoub. It is much too small, wide, bright, hollow, and velvety to appear anywhere on Shalhoub. I have never been more certain of anything.

Many people call this their favorite part of Tony Shalhoub: How would you describe it?

1. The new storm windows, of course.
2. Going out on a limb here, but this image appears to show the upper parts of Tony Shalhoub’s quadriceps (legs).
3. These are Tony Shalhoub’s pollen tubes, which unfortunately cause allergic reactions in millions of people each year.
4. I am going to need to schedule an extra session with my tutor this week, because I simply do not recognize this part of Tony Shalhoub. To say I am disturbed by my performance on this quiz would be an understatement. I have studied Tony Shalhoub tirelessly for the better part of the past decade.

1. This is the attic of Tony Shalhoub, inside which many treasures are stored!
2. This one I feel more confident about. This is definitely Tony Shalhoub’s leg.
3. The seed of Tony Shalhoub! That from which all Tony Shalhoubs grow!
4. Maybe it’s because I studied in Paris rather than the United States, but I cannot believe this is truly a piece of Tony Shalhoub. I fear my education may not have been up to par—please excuse me while I process this upsetting revelation about my understanding of Tony Shalhoub.

All 6 questions completed!

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Can You Identify All The Parts Of Tony Shalhoub From Memory?

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