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Cool It: This High Schooler Is Really Milking The Fact That Her Birth Control Alarm Just Went Off In The Middle Of Class

Goddamn. Here’s a story about a girl who could definitely stand to take it down a couple notches: This high schooler is really, really milking the fact that her birth control alarm just went off in the middle of class.

We get it, you’re sexually active. Just take the pill and move on.

From the moment her phone alarm went off earlier today during her fourth-period English class, Amanda Kline, a junior at Westfield High School in Westfield, MA, went well out of her way to make sure everyone knew it was her birth control alarm and that she was, in fact, taking birth control pills. Feigning embarrassment as the whole class turned to see what the commotion was about, she blurted, “Whoops, sorry, that’s my birth control alarm—awkwarrrrrd,” before proceeding to loudly dig through her backpack for a good 30 seconds looking for the contraceptives while explaining in a shout-whisper to the girls sitting next to her that the pills are only effective if she takes them at the same time each day, which, she added, was totally annoying but totally worth it because it’s completely cleared up her acne. She then giggled playfully and said, “Oh my God, this is so embarrassing.”

C’mon, girl. You’re clearly not embarrassed. You’re the one who chose to take the pill at a time when you knew you’d be at school. It’s extremely obvious you just want everyone to know you’re on birth control now.

Even when Amanda finally found the pill pack and put it on prominent display out on her desk, she continued to milk the situation for all she could. Before taking her pill, she turned to the student next to her and said, “It’s Wednesday, right?” adding that if it were actually Thursday then she’d need to take two pills in order to get caught up—something her gynecologist told her about during her visit. She then took the pill, rolled her eyes, and lamented, “It’s so annoying that I have to take one of these every day, but it totally beats being pregnant.”

Ugh. Give it a rest.

Here’s hoping Amanda starts taking these pills in the morning before school, otherwise it’ll get real obnoxious real fast if she keeps making a spectacle of this.