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Coolest Pope Ever: For Half An Hour Today Pope Francis Canonized Anyone Who Followed Him On Twitter

Pope Francis did something incredibly generous today. For half an hour, the pontiff offered to bestow sainthood on anyone who followed him on Twitter!

Twitter users got an incredible offer from Pope Francis today when he dropped this bombshell.

People immediately rushed to take advantage of the amazing opportunity, and Pope Francis wasn’t stingy with the canonizations.

Pope Francis made clear that his offer was for full canonization, including all the holy perks of sainthood.

However, some people decided to look a gift horse in the mouth and pestered the pope with questions about religious doctrine.

After half an hour of canonizing all comers, Pope Francis had to call it a day.

Wow, once again Pope Francis has proven his incredible kindness! The Catholic Church just got several hundred new saints today, and they’re all happy followers of @Pontifex on Twitter! Here’s to the coolest pope ever! We can’t wait until his next round of canonization!