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Could This Contraption Be The Next Revolution In High-Speed Travel?

Is this the machine that will rewrite the rules of high-speed travel forever?

No, it’s not something out of a science-fiction novel. This real-life device is currently on display at Sacramento’s Highland Square Amusement Park, and its implications are earth-shattering.

The details of this awesome, gigantic monowheel are still sketchy, but this prototype takes up to 80 passengers (with room for even more in the center) and, by the looks of it, could reach speeds of up to 500 miles per hour, zipping down roads faster than previously thought possible!

So far, the prototype is stationary, but clearly the potential is there. See the machine in action here:

Could we be seeing this in every city in America by 2020? Just imagine: drastically reduced congestion on city streets, expanded highways with special lanes for these blazing-fast vehicles, interstate travel times cut in half (or better).

The only question now is: What’s the price point?