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Devastating Blow To Feminism: This Woman Sucks

Although the past few years have been an incredibly powerful time for women’s rights, feminism has just suffered a pretty crushing setback: Tragically, this woman sucks.

Devastating. This is not good news for the feminist cause.

The notion that all women are powerful queens who deserve the world sadly doesn’t even come close to applying to 28-year-old Sarah Baylor, whose boring hobbies, grating personality traits, and overall lack of positive attributes prove that some women can (and do) absolutely suck. Between the below-average work she does at her totally inconsequential job, the meandering anecdotes about owning a ferret she foists on unsuspecting acquaintances, and the fact that she honestly smells kind of bad, Sarah unfortunately does not bring a single thing to the table that would compel someone to fight for women’s rights on her behalf. It’s tough to imagine anyone getting behind a movement intended to empower someone as unpleasant to be around as this god-awful woman.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to extend any sisterly support to someone who sucks this much ass.

There’s no telling how far Sarah will set back the feminist cause over the course of her life, but her apparent commitment to using her bad personality to totally blow every personal and professional opportunity that comes her way suggests that she will continue giving women a bad name for the foreseeable future. Had Sojourner Truth known that one day a woman like Sarah would go through life without ever doing anything even marginally impressive—seriously, not even winning some kind of bogus “citizenship” award in elementary school—would she have bothered to fight for women’s rights in the first place? It’s hard to say.

Yikes. We can only imagine what kind of damage Sarah already done to feminism just by being her selfish, slovenly, and frankly horrible self. Here’s hoping the feminist agenda finds a way to prevail despite such an awful blight on the movement.