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Dining 2.0: This Incredible New High-Tech Restaurant Uses Facial Recognition Technology To Make Sure Sex Offenders Can’t Get Dessert

Get ready, foodies, because this may be the dawn of a new era in the culinary world. A small restaurant in Northern California is sending shockwaves through the industry with a high-tech approach to dining: They’ve outfitted an array of cameras with advanced facial recognition technology, allowing them to ensure that they never serve dessert to sex offenders.

Okay, we’re officially living in the future!

The game-changing innovation is deceptively simple. When diners walk into the restaurant, cameras at the front door scan the identifying features of every face and cross-reference them with the FBI database of registered sex offenders. The results are then distributed to the waiters’ iPads, automatically flagging all customers who have been convicted of sex crimes and should not be offered dessert.

“Other restaurants without proper safeguards risk inadvertently serving dessert to hundreds of sex offenders a year,” said owner and head chef Maximilian Renault. “Thanks to this new technology, our server can simply glance down at the digital report, withhold the dessert menu from the identified diner, and discreetly inform him that our signature crème brûlée will not be an option for him tonight.”

Wow. This is exactly the kind of attention to detail that turns a good dining experience into a great one. Might we soon see sex offenders banned from dessert throughout America? We can only hope! In the meantime, any sex offenders who left room for dessert had better look elsewhere—they won’t be getting any here!