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‘DO NOT SERVE THIS MAN’: This Diner Only Has A Picture Of Richard Kind Hanging On The Wall Because He Dined And Dashed There

Typically when a restaurant keeps a photo of a celebrity on their wall, it’s to highlight the fact that the celebrity visited and had a great time. But in the case of the Morristown Diner in Morristown, NJ, there’s a much more alarming reason: This diner only has a picture of Richard Kind hanging on the wall because he dined and dashed there.

C’mon, Richard. You know better than this.

Guests who visit the Morristown Diner will immediately be greeted by a framed picture of acclaimed character actor Richard Kind hanging on the wall by the register, but where there is usually a signature from the celebrity with a cheerful message to the diner owners, instead there is an angry note reading “DO NOT SERVE THIS MAN.” According to Morristown Diner employees, Richard Kind showed up in 2008, ordered two egg salad sandwiches, sent each sandwich back three times requesting that they be “eggier,” and then left without paying for anything. Hanging nearby the photo is the receipt from his meal—revealing that Richard was either unable or unwilling to pay the measly $17.37 bill. 

Richard, you get pretty steady acting work—you really couldn’t pony up?

Richard’s photo stands in stark contrast to the other celebrity photo on the diner’s wall, a glossy headshot of Henry Winkler captioned “PAID IN FULL – WELCOME BACK ANYTIME.”

Damn. If you know Richard Kind personally, please slap him.

It’s always fun to know that you’ve eaten at the same place as a celebrity, but the excitement in this instance is tempered by the fact that Richard Kind is clearly a criminal. If you patronize the Morristown Diner, you can rest assured that a famed comedic actor has also had a meal there, but also that he did not enjoy it, and ultimately screwed the restaurant out of almost $20. What an interesting piece of diner lore!