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Education FTW! Westcott Has Released A Bulletproof Protractor So Kids Don’t Have To Stop Learning Geometry Just Because They’re In The Middle Of A School Shooting

Twenty-seven school shootings have already happened in the U.S. in 2022, a horrifyingly high rate of deadly violence against children that’s unseen anywhere else in the world. And with no substantial efforts being taken to prevent these attacks, it’s sadly a trend that’s likely to continue. However, one company has at least stepped up to make sure that these senseless shootings don’t get in the way of students’ educations: Westcott has released a bulletproof protractor so kids don’t have to stop learning geometry just because they’re in the middle of a school shooting. 

Incredible! This is going to go such a long way to make sure kids stay on track!

Hitting shelves this week, Westcott’s new protractor is made from military-grade kevlar designed to deflect rounds up to .308 caliber so students can safely continue measuring triangles and checking the congruence of polygons during school shooting situations. As long as students have one of the bulletproof protractors in their hands, teachers won’t have to stop their lessons and have everyone hide under their desks, as the protractors will provide ample protection from most kinds of projectiles, fragmentation, chemicals, and flames. As the product’s packaging states, “An active school shooting is no reason to fall behind in math!”

Excellent point!

While this might be a frustrating development for any kids counting on gun violence to get them out of pop quizzes in math class, it’s undoubtedly welcome news for any parents who care about their children’s safety and education. These protractors are going to go so far to keep our nation’s kids safe in lieu of any meaningful gun control laws, and they should definitely be on every student’s back-to-school shopping list. Way to go, Westcott!