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EXCLUSIVE: Mystery Woman Spotted With Mystery Man!

The internet is going crazy this morning as everyone tries to figure out the identity of the enigmatic mystery woman who was sighted yesterday canoodling with a tall, dark, and very handsome mystery man!

Looks like someone’s on the prowl again! Who could the mystery man be, and does he have a secret new girlfriend? If so, we need details about her ASAP. Where’s this mystery girl from? What’s her deal? And why was she spotted locking lips with this mysterious guy?

Whoever he is, the mystery man looks to be quite an impressive catch for the mystery woman, whoever she is.

No word yet on when the romance started, or what her name is, or what his name is. But the pics don’t lie: These two are a total item. So…not to speak too soon, but could this mystery person be a potential future Mrs. Mystery Man?

We’re so happy for them!

But what will the unidentified vixen’s husband—if he exists—do when he finds out the mystery woman has been seen around town arm-in-arm with her sexy new beau? Will he take it in stride? Will he fly into a rage? Or will he be happy, perhaps because he is the mystery man?

Either way, we can’t get enough of these two, and you do have to admit they look amazing together. Just check out this photo of the mystery man at a café, sharing a laugh with the mystery woman and…who is that? A second mystery man?

The plot thickens! How does this new mystery man affect the situation? Is this trouble in paradise for the mystery couple and their poor, poor children, if they have any? Is the second mystery man in the doghouse with a second, yet-to-be-photographed mystery woman (or man)?

Only time will tell! At least one thing is clear at this point, though: It won’t be long before we all find out every last fact about both of these people and their families!