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Fan Prayers Answered: Here’s What The Cast Of ‘Sixteen Candles’ Looks Like In A Tent

John Hughes’ high school classic Sixteen Candles was a generation-defining film from the moment it hit the silver screen. Now, more than 30 years later, we’re giving Brat Pack superfans the photos they’ve been clamoring for. Here’s what the cast of Sixteen Candles looks like in a tent:


It’s truly mind-blowing to see all of these performers sharing a spacious Coleman-brand tent, reunited decades after their career-breaking roles. Check out Anthony Michael Hall in the tent. And you’d hardly even recognize Gedde Watanabe (a.k.a. clumsy foreign exchange student Long Duk Dong) squatting inside the tent.

Honestly, it’s going to be hard to watch Sixteen Candles the same way again after seeing so much talent packed into a single tent. And see what Molly Ringwald had to say about the tent on Twitter:

The internet sure had to wait a long time, but pictures of the whole luminary cast of Sixteen Candles sharing one great big tent are finally here. Amazing!