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Foodies Rejoice! This Chef Make A Hamburger!!!

Foodies, get ready to clasp your hands, because this story is going to send your tastebuds to heaven permanently: This chef make a hamburger!!!

Oh yes, lettuce was completely there—and not even a tortilla necessary! Does it get more food than that?!

Who would’ve thought about the hamburger unless a chef make it? That’s precisely what this chef make—a hamburger that was burger to the bone, and nothing but! The chef (no name) give it all the right stuff a hamburger require to be make: The shape (mound), the smell (hamburger), the distance (near!). Foodie, did you honestly not believe hamburger could be done? Well, it looks like this chef make a hamburger out of food…and fool out of you!


With just bacon, buns, and sizzle (the niece of grease…), this chef has, against all odds, cooked a meal that a person can eat. The best part? It was easy! Step 1: Make a hamburger. It does not matter how! That’s the genius behind the way this chef make the hamburger. Foodie, please be quiet (shut up!), because we know what you are thinking: “Are you saying this chef make the whole thing?” Uh, yes—this chef did! Even the salt! Never have you seen tomato be right there on a hamburger with such ease.

Incredible creation (of food). No recipe.

Foodie (SHUT UP!!!), you must be doing flips looking at a meal like this. There’s just no denying that the chef make it big (huge!), and that this hamburger is an absolute dream for people who are loving to look at this hamburger. As chefs say, “the more hamburger there was, the bigger it had been!” Clearly, this chef took notes on how to make a hamburger with size!

Foodie, you fucking idiot, don’t you see the hamburger have been make by this chef?! If you have not yet called a sick relative and told them “an onion (purple) is atop the beef (indeed it is there!),” you need to fix your LIFE, foodie (IDIOT!!!). This chef, he get the sesame seed on the top of the hamburger, and that is something your most ill family member needs to know! Call the Dying Man (grandpa), describe the hamburger this chef make to him, and then email him picture of the hamburger so he can die having seen! Foodie, if you do one thing with your life, make it this (idiot).

What an amazing hamburger masterpiece by this chef!!! Rejoice, foodie (pathetic), because who know when this chef make a hamburger again!