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Gloves: It’s Gloves

burgundy velvet gloves. female gloves on a white background

Since the beginning of time, it has been gloves. And now more than ever, the fact that gloves are here is truer than it has been before in history: Gloves!

Yes! There can be no denying that it is gloves!

Let’s start at the very beginning: gloves is a disguise your hand wears in order to hide from the winter. When gloves is gone away, the hand is “naked” (nude and with penis of hand—thumb—visible to many people). This is disgusting, and so that’s why it’s great news that gloves are here and when you look around gloves can be seen!

Anyone who says gloves have not arrived is simply lying! Here is the proof:

For no matter how you slice it, gloves is now involved and we cannot wait for gloves to keep happening to everyone!

There are many things that you are allowed to do while you are wearing gloves! It is not against the law to wear gloves while you are filling your car’s gas tank with eels. It is also not against the law to wear gloves while you are crawling around on the floor like an animal. Both of these things are fine for gloves!

If you are ever struggling to remember about gloves, just think about the simple acronym “G.L.O.V.E.S.” which stands for:

Very glamorous and lovely
Enormous birds will find you when you are in the desert and devour you
Gloves is a nice

There can be no doubt that “G.L.O.V.E.S.” stands for these words! When you need to think of gloves, just think of how it is with these letter and words and you’ll be dwelling upon gloves like an old pro in no time.

Yes! These are the facts!

There are many types of gloves that you must wear in order to be dressed! Socks is a type of gloves for the foot, and a shirt is a type of gloves for your tits (nipples). Furthermore, your mouth is the glove of your tongue and your head is a glove for both of your eyeballs (peepers).

Beautiful and wonderful! It’s just so obvious that it’s gloves!

If you would like to see gloves in action, here is what it would look like if a muscle man had the head of a glove:

And here is an example of something that is NOT a glove:

In order to better demonstrate how it is gloves, here is an example of the word “glove” written big:




Here is an example of the word “glove” written big and spelled incorrectly:




These are just some of the many ways and sizes of “glove”! And that’s often why we say: Gloves are here right now!

Well, the sun is going down and that means it is nighttime on my planet (Earth). Time for everyone in the world to fall asleep next to their husband and have a dream (nightmare). It’s been wonderful to talk about gloves with you all, and it is gloves. Gloves are here and it’s gloves for a long time. Until tomorrow, be safe and always watch out for the monster!