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Going The Distance: This Couple Showed Their Support For The Gay Community By Having A Gay Son

When it comes to true allies, it’s hard to find better friends to the LGBTQ community than Mitch and Lauren Hendrick. A lot of people say they support gay rights, but this couple went above and beyond by conceiving and raising a gay son.

That’s right. Mitch and Lauren’s son, Daniel, is 16 years old and is sexually attracted to men. It would have been easy for the Hendricks to simply put a rainbow flag up in their window or change their Facebook profile pictures, but the couple instead took the time and effort to give birth to a son who is actually gay.

Wow! Truly inspiring.

Admittedly, the Hendricks still have a little ways to go before they become perfect allies. They have a straight daughter, and neither Mitch nor Lauren are themselves gay, but when you consider how much the average person actually does to help the LGBTQ movement, you have to admit that the Hendricks are really doing something remarkable.

Of course, we can’t expect everyone to go the same distance as the Hendricks have, but if the couple inspires even a few people to show their support for the gay community by having some gay children, our world will definitely be a better place. Looks like love wins again!