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Hard To Watch: Drake Forgot To Buy Courtside Tickets For Tonight’s Game And Is Now Trying To Act Like He’s Friends With The Raptors From The Nosebleeds

Hip-hop superstar Drake’s loud presence on the sidelines of Toronto Raptors games has been a constant storyline of the 2019 NBA playoffs, but it looks like tonight he’s stuck far away from the action: Drake forgot to buy courtside tickets for Game 5 and is now trying to act like he’s friends with the Raptors from way up in the nosebleeds.

Woof. It’s honestly pretty hard to watch.

Unable to secure his usual seats on the court, Drake was forced to hit up StubHub for an obstructed-view ticket in the 300 level for tonight’s Game 5 Finals showdown between the Raptors and Warriors, but despite being stranded up in the rafters, he’s still making an attempt to assert himself in the action, and it is a sad sight to behold. As the first quarter got underway, the rapper could frequently be seen waving his arms wildly and shouting motivational slogans under the pitiful belief that the players were energized by his presence, even though there was zero chance they could see or hear him.

“BOARD MAN GETS PAID, KAWHI, BOARD MAN GETS PAID!” Drake shouted at one point before turning to a disinterested elderly fan next to him and explaining that this is something he always says to pump up star forward Kawhi Leonard, who he is “actually really good friends with, believe it or not.” “GREAT SCREEN, KLOE! AND GREAT JOB IN GENERAL, FELLAS! I’LL SEE YOU ALL AT THE CLUB TONIGHT!”

“RIGHT, FELLAS?” he added, seemingly self-conscious that the players weren’t responding to him because he was extremely far away from them. “FELLAS? HELLO? IT’S ME, YOUR BOY, DRAKE! I’M LIKE YOUR UNOFFICIAL HYPE MAN, REMEMBER? DON’T LEAVE ME HANGIN’, FELLAS!”

The scene only got more pathetic when Drake tried his reignite his beef with Warriors players by standing up on his chair and futilely attempting to get a “DRAYMOND STINKS!” chant going for five cringe-worthy minutes straight before a stadium attendant finally came over and asked him to sit down. Then, appearing dejected, Drake slumped down into his chair and quietly pouted for a while before eventually flagging down a stadium security guard and asking for a hot dog, believing he was a waiter like the ones they have courtside. When the guard explained that he wasn’t a server and that nobody in the remote corner of the stadium where Drake was seated was going to run and get him food, the multi-platinum recording artist let out a long sigh and then announced that he wanted to kill himself.

Damn, looks like it’s just not Drake’s night.

While it’d probably be best if Drake just accepted that he’s too far away from the court to pal around with the Warriors tonight and just enjoyed the rest of the game in silence, it looks like he’s completely unwilling to accept the nosebleeds experience. According to the most recent reports, Drake was just spotted wandering confused and frightened around the 300-level concourse, flashing his wallet like a police badge at random strangers and demanding that they escort him to the Raptors’ locker room so he could “do an inspirational rap” for his “basketball friends.” Here’s hoping Drake is able to get his courtside seats back for the next game in Toronto, because this has been pretty depressing to watch.