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Having Fun Is Great. So Why Do We Sometimes Not Have Fun?

In an age of partisan division and ideological extremes, there is one thing society can still agree upon: It feels good to have fun. Having fun makes people happy. Everyone smiles when they have fun. But even though having fun is great, the fact remains that there are times when people are not actively having fun.


This is a question that may be impossible to answer. The pros of having fun are nearly countless. Having fun brings people together. It makes you clap. It can sometimes mean that you are on a roller coaster or that you’re having a birthday. Having fun makes you laugh a lot. It diverts your attention from dark truths in the world. It is the best.

Meanwhile, there are literally no cons to having fun. You could try for an hour and you wouldn’t be able to think of one, which makes the reality that we sometimes don’t have fun all the more perplexing.

Honestly, it seems silly to not have fun. When you’re not having fun, a lot of times that means that bad things are happening. Maybe you’re in the hospital, or at a funeral, or you’re having feelings of depression. But if people would just have fun instead, then these things wouldn’t happen. The facts are indisputable: Having fun is good, not having fun is bad, and virtually everyone is capable of having fun—which makes it even sadder when you see people who are not having fun.

On the other hand, when you see people who are having fun, it makes you happy. There’s nothing quite like having fun! It is baffling, then, that anyone would ever even think of not having fun. There’s just no making sense of it.

All we can say for sure is that having fun is so much fun. There is no reason why you shouldn’t constantly be doing it.