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Heartbreaking: This Mom Just Shit Her Pants In Front Of Her Entire Family On What Was Supposed To Be A Special Day With All The Kids Back From College And Everything

A mother in San Antonio is facing an absolutely devastating tragedy today after she shit her pants in front of her entire family on what was supposed to be a special day with all her kids back from college and everything.

Poor woman. It doesn’t get much more heartbreaking than that.

For months, 57-year-old Karen Levicki had been counting down the days in anticipation of a rare get-together for over a dozen members of her immediate and extended family, including her three children, all of whom hadn’t been under the same roof since two Thanksgivings ago and had made the trip home from college for this special occasion. But when the big day finally arrived and all the people she loved most had gathered at the table for dinner, things took a nightmarish turn: While taking a few moments before the meal to say how grateful she was to have so many people she loved in her home, Karen abruptly shit directly into the brand-new cropped white pants that she’d bought at Nordstrom Rack just for this occasion.

“I’m so, so sorry, everyone, I don’t know what happened,” Karen cried as her 23-year-old daughter, Rebecca—home from nursing school for just a quick 36-hour visit—calmly rushed to her side and used one of the cloth napkins her mom had laid out for the special occasion to blot away some of the tarry shit leaking through her pants. “I just wanted everyone to have a nice day together, but then I went ahead and ruined it by shitting my pants.”

Karen suddenly halted mid-sentence and clutched her stomach, and to her horror, she loudly defecated in her pants a second time. Mortified, she then ran out of the dining room, accidentally bumping the dessert table on her way out, causing the strawberry-lemon layer cake she’d woken up before sunrise to bake to fall to the hardwood floor and splatter.

Her older sister, Barb, dutifully followed after her, while the rest of the family sat in uncomfortable silence at the table. Several minutes later, Barb returned with a message from Karen telling people not to worry and to go ahead and start eating without her, and everyone obliged. Once everyone started eating, the awkwardness gradually dissipated, and after 20 minutes, Karen decided to rejoin the family, having changed into a different outfit. Sadly, moments after sitting down at the table, Karen shit her pants for a third time and had to run out of the dining room again.

By the time she returned, the whole family had finished eating and many of them had needed to go home so that they could rest up for their early flights in the morning.

To add insult to injury, after dinner, Karen put her soiled pants in the washing machine and forgot to take her phone out of the pocket, which means the phone is destroyed and all the family photos she took today are gone forever. And unfortunately, with Karen’s youngest daughter, Katie, leaving soon to go teach English in China, it’ll probably be at least another two or three years before she has all her children back in the same house again to take more pictures.

This is the sort of disaster that every mother dreads. After shitting her pants in front of all the people she loves most and ruining what was supposed to be the happiest day of her year, Karen must be feeling pretty low. Hopefully she’ll one day be able to recover from this unspeakable hardship and get her life back on track.