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Heartwarming: These Students Raised $10,000 For Their Teacher When He Asked Them Nicely 

A special group of kids at Lincoln Middle School in Bloomfield, MI just did one of the most heartwarming things of all time. The incredible students came together and worked tirelessly to raise $10,000 for their teacher when he nicely asked them if they could please do that.

When seventh-grade math teacher James McConnell stood up in front of his class and kindly asked his students to go get him $10,000, they immediately sprang into action.

The kids began fundraising right away, working tirelessly for months to collect the money for Mr. McConnell by holding bake sales, staging a city-wide walkathon, and crowdfunding through a GoFundMe page titled “Help Us Give Mr. McConnell 10k To Spend On Whatever.”

It’s truly inspiring to see such big-hearted kids doing what it takes to help a man with good manners get more money!

“We knew right away that we couldn’t sit by and watch one of our teachers ask very nicely for a lot more money and not do anything,” said Kayla Collins, a student in Mr. McConnell’s class. “He asked for $10,000 so politely, and we knew we had to do whatever it takes to get him that money so that he could have it in his bank account and use it to buy lots of nice things for himself.”

The hard work of Kayla and her classmates finally paid off when they got to present their teacher a $10,000 check and watch as he tearfully thanked them for giving him the large sum of cash he had asked so politely for. Watching the look on Mr. McConnell’s face when he realized he had a lot more money was a truly moving and inspiring moment and proof that these students had accomplished something special.

Absolutely beautiful. A story like this just goes to show how powerful a school community can be when everyone sees that one of their own would like to have a bunch more money all at once, and collectively decides to lend a helping hand. Kids FTW!