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Heartwarming: When This Woman Dressed Up As Elsa From ‘Frozen,’ Thousands Of Little Girls With Cancer Visited Her

If you’re looking for an amazing story that will completely brighten your day, we’ve got you covered. This is beyond inspiring: When 29-year-old Ellen Diaz dressed up as Princess Elsa from Frozen, thousands of little girls with cancer came to visit her.

Shut the internet down. This is officially the most beautiful story you’re going to read all day.

When hundreds and hundreds of young girls suffering from cancer heard that Diaz had put on Elsa’s classic blue dress for a costume party, they knew right away that they had to act. Without a moment’s hesitation, this hoard of terminally ill kids from across the nation immediately left their taxing chemotherapy treatments and traveled to Diaz’s home in Texas. The best part? She had no idea that they were coming.

“The fact that so many sick children from all over the country would take the time to see me in my Elsa costume is just amazing,” said Diaz of the crowds of children in hospital gowns who appeared together in her driveway to catch a glimpse of her dressed as the magical princess of Arendelle. “I thought I was going to have a pretty normal Friday night, but instead I opened the door and saw 1,200 girls who were trailing IVs smiling at me and asking me to sing ‘Let It Go’ for them. I had barely even put on my Elsa wig and they were already there for me.”

Even though these amazing youngsters already gave Diaz the once-in-a-lifetime experience of seeing sick children mob her home while she was dressed as a beloved Disney character, they didn’t stop there: More than a thousand terminally ill girls posed for pictures with her and shared them on social media with the hashtag #TeamElsa so that she’d be able to remember this incredible day for the rest of her life!

Wow. It seems like giving back just comes naturally to some people. Kudos to this mob of seriously-ill little girls for giving this lucky woman a day as Elsa from Frozen that she’ll never forget!