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Honoring A Legend: This Week’s ‘She-Hulk’ Episode Features A Stan Lee Cameo Where His Corpse Comes Flying Out Of The Open Sunroof Of A Minivan That She-Hulk Throws At A Nun

If you’re a Marvel fan, you’re definitely going to want to head over to Disney+ ASAP, because one show just paid an incredible tribute to one of the greatest creators in comics history: This week’s episode of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law features a Stan Lee cameo where his corpse comes flying out of the open sunroof of a minivan that She-Hulk throws at a nun.

This is seriously amazing! What an incredible way to honor Stan Lee and his contributions to the Marvel universe!

About halfway through this week’s new episode of She-Hulk, the series protagonist Jennifer Walters, aka She-Hulk, is walking into the prestigious law firm where she works when she sees a nun walking by on the other side of the street. Jennifer mumbles, “There’s the hag.” She then transforms into She-Hulk and uses her super strength to grab a minivan parked nearby, lift it over her head, and hurl it at the nun, who screams, “You’ll never kill me, Muscle Witch! I’m protected by Christ!” The minivan then lands on top of the nun (killing her instantly) and upon impact the corpse of Stan Lee himself comes rocketing out of the minivan’s sunroof and flies through the air like a rag doll for about 20 feet before crashing to the ground, where he lies spread eagle and motionless on the sidewalk.

It’s such a badass, emotional moment to see the father of Marvel Comics make another incredible cameo appearance in the MCU! The folks at Marvel are truly coming through with some god-tier fan service with this one.

After Stan Lee’s corpse has been lying on the ground for a few seconds, a police officer approaches the lifeless Marvel legend, points at him, and says, “This is that evil zookeeper we’ve been trying to arrest for months. The one who lied to all the animals.” The police officer then puts Stan Lee’s corpse in handcuffs, throws him in the trunk of his patrol car, and drives away while Marvel fans all over the world stand up and cheer for one of the greatest comics creators of all time!

Other franchises take note: this is how you acknowledge a legend in your field! If you’re not crying with happiness right now then you’re not a real Marvel fan! We can’t wait to see what other awesome Marvel easter eggs She-Hulk has in store for us in upcoming episodes. Keep on watching television, and as Stan Lee would say, “Excelsior!”