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How Many Of These Classic Interview Moments From “The Joe Rogan Experience” Do You Remember?

How Many Of These Classic Interview Moments From "The Joe Rogan Experience" Do You Remember?

Racking up over 190 million downloads every month, “The Joe Rogan Experience” is one of the most popular—and polarizing—podcasts in the world. Think you're a super fan?

How many of these classic interview moments from "The Joe Rogan Experience" do you remember?

1. When Billy Corgan and Joe Rogan tried on each other’s scalps
2. When Steve Schirripa and Michael Imperioli revealed that Edie Falco’s character from "The Sopranos" was based on Joe Rogan
3. When Elena Ferrante smoked DMT with Joe Rogan and thought it was fine
4. When Joe Rogan locked Andrew Yang in a box full of tarantulas as a throwback to his "Fear Factor" days
5. When Lance Armstrong taught Joe Rogan to ride a bike in the studio, and Joe immediately fell and cracked his skull open
6. When Alex Jones and Joe Rogan watched the series finale of "Girls" together on a small laptop and both teared up a little
7. When Penn Jillette’s ponytail got caught in his microphone and he freaked out, had a panic attack, and fell into a coma with his eyes wide open
8. When Edward Snowden leaked an NSA file containing Joe Rogan’s birth video mid-interview
9. When Ronda Rousey suddenly vomited a dozen mouthguards and Joe Rogan didn’t acknowledge it at all
10. When Joe Rogan accidentally double-booked guests and had to interview Bernie Sanders and Ron Jeremy at the same time
11. When Ted Nugent accidentally blew his own head off with a shotgun and Joe Rogan was in a state of shock for a few minutes before quietly transitioning the discussion to cancel culture
12. When Gaten Matarazzo barged into the studio with his arms locked around Diamond and Silk and loudly berated Joe Rogan for smoking marijuana
13. When David Goggins crab-walked around Joe Rogan until both of them got dizzy and had aneurysms
14. When Malcolm Gladwell got electrocuted after Joe Rogan’s sweat pooled up around all the audio equipment
15. When one of Post Malone’s tattoos escaped from his face and leeched onto Joe Rogan’s penis
16. When Jason Voorhees handed a Post-It note to Joe Rogan that read “I am addicted to Vicodin”
17. When Chris D’Elia said, “Bro, you gotta get high as fuck and watch this insane video” before attempting to show Joe Rogan child pornography
18. When Elon Musk tried to impress Joe Rogan by eating a used air conditioner filter as if it was a super edgy thing to do
19. When Richard Dawkins took a Viagra and sat on a shaky laundry machine until he busted all over himself and Joe Rogan wasn’t even in the studio at the time or doing an interview that day
20. When Glenn Greenwald and Joe Rogan ranted about how "The Today Show" is the only news source they trust anymore
21. When Joe Rogan lost his temper with David Lee Roth because Roth wouldn’t stop doing splits and passionately crooning his own name
22. When Joe Rogan couldn’t think of any questions that might be interesting to ask Roy Wood Jr. and ended the episode after just 48 seconds
23. When Andrew Dice Clay called out Joe Rogan for using problematic language and not using his platform to promote diversity
24. When Roseanne Barr and Cornel West spontaneously got married on the show with Joe Rogan serving as their legal witness
25. When Joe Rogan thought he was interviewing Miley Cyrus before realizing it was actually The Undertaker
26. When Russell Brand got into a heated debate with Joe Rogan about whether the shape of the human brain was flat or triangular
27. When Dan Crenshaw showed Joe Rogan the mouse who lives in the empty socket under his eyepatch
28. When Dana White and Joe Rogan put their foreheads together, held hands, and chanted “to be bald and small is a blessing”
29. When Joe Rogan asked Jeff Ross to roast him, so Jeff called him “Podcast Boy,” and it got Joe Rogan so insanely mad he broke Jeff’s neck
30. When Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson sipped out of Big Gulp cups filled with ground beef
31. When Bill Burr tried a brain pill from a Joe Rogan Experience sponsor called “GARGOYLE NOGGIN,” which caused him to scream like a banshee and become two-dimensional
32. When Tulsi Gabbard recounted how Bashar al-Assad told her he puts “The Joe Rogan Experience” on in the background while doing chores around the Presidential Palace
33. When Kanye West went on an hour long rant about how good deodorant smells while Joe Rogan simply nodded and ate a few sticks of deodorant
34. When Rob Zombie and Joe Rogan got trapped in a sensory deprivation tank together for seven days straight and had to survive off the water inside it
35. When Charlamagne tha God and Joe Rogan put their foreheads together, held hands, and chanted “to be bald and small and on the radio is a blessing”
36. When Joe Rogan posited that we live in a simulation and Neil DeGrasse Tyson said, “Allow me to demonstrate why that’s not true, Joe” before lighting himself on fire

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How Many Of These Classic Interview Moments From "The Joe Rogan Experience" Do You Remember?

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