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How Much Rowdy Mischief Have You Gotten Up To With The Fellas?

When you’re with the boys and throwing back beers, it’s only a matter of time before you start raising a little hell. But exactly how much rowdy mischief have you and the fellas gotten up to? 

How Much Rowdy Mischief Have You Gotten Up To With The Fellas?

Check off all the kinds of mischief you've gotten up to:

1. Stood in a circle and took turns wearing the same condom
2. Ding-dong ditched someone while sporting huge boners
3. Wore each other’s underwear on your heads and smiled
4. Waited for your dad to finish taking a bath and then immediately drank all the bathwater, even though your dad explicitly told you guys not to
5. Showed your bare butts to the statue at the Lincoln Memorial until an alarm started going off
6. Measured each other’s cock holes
7. Started the wave in a Best Buy
8. Showed your penises to one of Google’s A.I. supercomputers so that it would learn about penises and share that knowledge with all the other supercomputers
9. Got together and read the Wikipedia article for pubic hair by candlelight
10. Put on wigs and learned how to French braid on each other
11. Went into a grocery store and each bought enough cabbage so that the grocery store was temporarily out of cabbage
12. Enlisted in the U.S. Army together and then all secretly had boners for the entire three years you were deployed in Iraq
13. Went into LensCrafters together and tried on a bunch of different glasses, even though you had no intention of buying any
14. Staged a flash mob at the library where you all got boners at the exact same time
15. Baptized each other and made a great commotion while doing so
16. Rode around in a trolly chanting “USA! USA!” for 63 hours straight
17. Took turns incubating an endangered baby condor under your ballsacks until it was strong enough to survive on its own, then trained it to steal underwear from your dad
18. Took turns asking a magic 8-ball if it ever gets boners
19. Played Pass The Peanut, a game where you stand in a line and pass a peanut from one person’s asshole to the next until each person has had held the peanut in their asshole, and once it gets to the last guy he squats down and lays it like an egg into a manger, and then everyone gets down on their knees and worships the peanut, pretending it is the newborn Christ
20. Charged into the ocean and urinated on some corral together until the corral died
21. Pooled your votes to get a jackass elected comptroller
22. Sewed all your ballsacks together and pretended like you hadn’t noticed when you went to the pediatrician for your annual physical
23. All got naked and hunted a golden retriever for its meat
24. One by one used the same pair of clippers to shave the Reebok logo into your pubic hair, then all went to the Nike store and showed one of the employees the Reebok logos as a razz
25. Took two Viagras a piece and then did team-building activities
26. Used up all the mobility scooters at Walmart, leaving numerous large guests stranded on the floor at the entrance
27. Became eunuchs and started a eunuch gang
28. Trapped a year’s worth of your farts into a single Tupperware container and then donated it to the Wounded Warriors Project
29. Got naked at the bottom of an above-ground pool and waited for the pool-cleaning robot to come around and clean off the homemade lasagna you’d all smeared on your genitals
30. Chased a police horse into a storm drain while trying to smooch it
31. All went to the same focus group for Bit-O-Honey and gave the Bit-O-Honey representatives a grossly distorted impression of how enthusiastic young people are about Bit-O-Honey
32. Got into a circle, squatted down, and started furiously doing kegels together until one of you finally succeeded in menstruating
33. Went to a clearing in the woods and all got naked, then proceeded to point your boners at God

All 1 questions completed!

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How Much Rowdy Mischief Have You Gotten Up To With The Fellas?

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