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Huge Blunder: CNN Just Accidentally Published The Article They Have Prepared For When Jesus Christ Returns To Earth

While major media outlets may publish a typo every now and then, it’s rare that they make this big of an error. CNN just posted the article they have prepared for when Jesus Christ returns to Earth, and from the looks of it, it was nothing short of a class-A facepalm.

Oops. It’s pretty safe to say that someone at CNN messed up big time.

The article, which was mistakenly uploaded this morning, still contains many words in brackets—presumably time-sensitive information to be filled out at the time of the Second Coming. Though it’s customary for news outlets to keep numerous outlines like this on file in preparation for known future events, it’s deeply embarrassing that CNN posted this one days, weeks, or millennia before Christ returns to Earth to judge the wicked.

While the article was almost immediately deleted from CNN’s website, a few fast-acting readers were able to capture embarrassing screenshots before it disappeared from the internet. Take a look below, and see what the news outlet has got prepared for the big day:

Um, yikes. Maybe wait for rifts in the Earth to open and suck in the damned that walk among us sullying the Earth and corrupting virtue before hitting the publish button, all right, CNN? Someone’s definitely going to get fired for this one.