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Huge Mix-Up: Christopher Nolan Accidentally Submitted ‘Dunkirk’ To ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’ And A Video Of Himself Falling Off A Ladder To The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences

With his unique style of mind-bending thrillers, Christopher Nolan is touted for having some of the most influential and popular movies of all time. But the filmmaker may have just undermined his blockbuster reputation with a truly boneheaded move: Christopher Nolan accidentally submitted Dunkirk to America’s Funniest Home Videos and a video of him falling off a ladder to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Yikes. This is a colossal fuckup.

According to various sources, Nolan first became aware of his mistake when he sat down on his couch, turned on America’s Funniest Home Videos, and, after laughing heartily at a video of a father getting punched in the nuts by his kid, was horrified to see the entirety of Dunkirk being broadcast to the nation with host Alfonso Ribeiro interjecting every now and then to say, “Ouch! That’s gotta hurt!” during the intense battle scenes.

As humiliating as that was for Nolan, his moment of shame did not end there. It slowly dawned on the Dark Knight director that if America’s Funniest Home Videos got Dunkirk, then he must have accidentally sent the video of himself tumbling off a ladder while cleaning his gutters to the Academy for Oscar consideration. Nolan reportedly called the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences right away, but none of the members heard the phone ringing because they were embroiled in a heated debate regarding the merits of the video of Christopher Nolan awkwardly flailing his limbs trying to grab hold of something before totally eating shit.

Oh man. What a full-blown nightmare.

Hollywood insiders have revealed that the blunder was caused by Nolan placing a DVD labeled “Movie” in the envelope with AFV’s address, and a different DVD labeled “Video” in the envelope with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science on it without knowing which one was which. Nolan allegedly even tried fixing his mistake by re-sending the DVDs to their correct recipients, but unfortunately, he labeled the DVDs “Video 1” and “Video 2” the second time around, which caused him to make the same mistake again.

Yeesh. It’s safe to say that this is definitely an incredibly humbling time for Nolan, even if Dunkirk was voted the third-funniest video of the night by the AFV studio audience. Hopefully, everyone will forget about Nolan’s enormous gaffe in due time so he won’t have anything on his mind while making his next hit film.