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I Looked At My Son’s Google Search History And It Was Just Hundreds Of Questions About Bugles Corn Snacks

As the father of a teenage boy in today’s digital age, I’m constantly stressing out about the kinds of media my son is seeking out online. My wife and I try to respect our son’s boundaries, but we know there is a lot of content online that could be inappropriate or even harmful to him. So a few weeks ago, in order to see what sorts of websites he has been visiting, I looked at my son’s Google search history, and it was nothing except hundreds of questions about Bugles corn snacks.

I’m at a loss for what to do, and I was wondering if any other parents out there have any advice. For the record, here is a screenshot that shows a small portion of my son’s Google search history:

There are literally hundreds of questions like this. I’m not really sure what course of action I should take. My son’s browsing history shows that he doesn’t go to any other websites. At this point, he uses the internet exclusively to search questions about Bugles corn snacks.

I’m not really sure what course of action I should take.

I guess there are worse things my son could be doing on the computer. According to his browsing history, he hasn’t been looking at porn, which is a relief. One time, he did search “Bugles porn LOUD,” but he didn’t click on any of the links that resulted from this search.

In fact, my son never clicks on any of the links that come up after he searches his questions about Bugles. As far as I can tell, he just types in the questions and looks at all the links.

My wife and I are very worried about our son. Last week, we tried to bond with him by bringing him a bag of Bugles, but all he did was kiss the bag and then try to flush it down the toilet. I just wish I could understand what my boy is thinking and feeling during this chaotic time in his life.

If any parents out there have any tips, I would greatly appreciate it. Every day, my son searches more and more Bugles-related questions, and just yesterday I found an encrypted folder on his computer titled “Bugles secret” that I haven’t been able to open. I’ve never felt more helpless as a father, and my wife and I are growing increasingly concerned.

Thanks in advance for your time and help.