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If You Alter These Photos To Look Like This Man Is Ripping Up The Constitution, That’s On You

You don’t have to make it look like this guy is desecrating our nation’s founding document.

1. Look, if you choose to Photoshop the U.S. Constitution into this guy’s hands, that’s your call.

2. Keep in mind that the Constitution contains the bedrock principles that guide American society. Using photo-manipulation software to show it getting damaged would be extremely disrespectful.

3. Sure, you can open Photoshop, or a free alternative like GIMP. It’s not illegal. But consider all the people who have fought and died to protect the cherished liberties that the Constitution grants us.

4. You could replace the paper with a phone book so it looks like the man is incredibly strong, or with some other compelling image that you invent yourself.

5. Of course, you have the right to find a picture of the Constitution, select it with the lasso tool, and paste it onto the image file as a new layer. And if you do that, fine. It’s totally your decision.

6. What about making this a basketball instead of the Constitution? You could even change the background to an NBA game. Or space.

7. Or, yes, you could make it look like he’s ripping up the Constitution. And that he’s standing in front of the Constitutional Convention and tearing it up right in front of their faces while our Founding Fathers weep. Hell, you could even have him standing on the grave of Thomas Jefferson. We all know that’s doable. We all “get” Photoshop. It’s not impressive. You’re not impressive.

8. Look, do what you want to do. Just don’t blame us for it.