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Incredible: An Artist Used Predictive Software To Depict What Prince Would Look Like If He Were Alive Today!

When Prince died, he left a hole in the music world that will never be filled. But now one incredible artist is letting us see what could have been if the legendary singer were still alive. Talia Evans, a graphic artist from Prince’s hometown of Minneapolis, used an ingenious combination of complex age-prediction algorithms and amazing artistic talent to give us a glance at what Prince might look like if he were alive today, and the results are absolutely stunning:

You’ve got to admit that it’s pretty astounding. Evans says that the project took over four months to complete as she meticulously analyzed Prince’s features using advanced computer programs that accurately forecast the way that a person’s face will age over time, and spent hours using her graphic design skills to construct her model of the rock legend.

After that, she worked with a team of scientists at MIT who helped ensure that the depiction of Prince didn’t miss any details (because even the smartest scientists in the world are HUGE Prince fans!). After months of hard work, these art and science geniuses were able to give us this wonderful glimpse of what it would be like if the 1999 artist were still with us now. We’re getting misty-eyed just looking at it!

Thank you to Talia Evans and the team at MIT for this chance to see Prince and to imagine the music he might still have given the world if he had lived. It’s heartbreaking, but it’s also incredibly beautiful.