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Incredible Discovery: Scientists Are 99% Certain That The Bones They Found On A Pacific Island Belonged To Either Amelia Earhart Or Jesus Christ

Get ready for some groundbreaking news, because scientists have finally solved a major historical mystery: Researchers are 99 percent sure that the bones discovered on a remote Pacific island belonged to either Amelia Earhart or Jesus Christ.

Either way, this is a momentous day!

The remains were originally discovered on a small island just south of Fiji in 1940, but a new analysis from the University of Tennessee anthropology department prove that DNA traces from the site are either identical to the first woman who attempted to fly around the globe or a perfect match for Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The team of scientists also carbon-dated a nail that was found near the bones and determined it is either from a twin engine plane from the 1930s or from a Roman crucifixion around 30 AD.

“Our updated analysis reveals an extremely high likelihood that these remains belonged to a taller-than-average woman of European descent or to the son of God,” reads the article in the most recent Forensic Anthropology. “There is also a small chance that Amelia Earhart just happened to have one of Christ’s bones on her when she died or vice versa.”

Wow, this is a seminal moment for feminism historians or religious scholars everywhere. In either case, cheers to the hardworking scientists who put this incredible caper to rest!