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Incredible: Scientists Have Finally Developed A Lab-Grown Bone That’s Perfect For Sucking Clean

Okay, so this proves that the future really is happening now. What was once just a dream for environmentalists is finally becoming a reality: Researchers have just developed a lab-grown bone that’s perfect for sucking clean, and it’s totally changing the way humanity thinks about food.

Science FTW!

After 15 years of hard work and $40 million in private investments, a group of professors at the University of Florida have created a bone that is perfect for picking up off the plate and sucking dry. The artificially calcified substitute can be grown in a petri dish, and the result is flavorful and smooth, with only a few chunks of gristle attached. No excess meat; no chewy tendons. It takes just a few weeks for the cells to multiply, and then you’ve got a delicious treat that may be the next big step in slowing down global warming.

The upsides for lab-grown bones are seemingly endless: They require roughly 1/30th of the land used to create traditional bones, the methane emissions are nearly 50 times less, and, of course, these amazing advancements may one day spare the lives of billions of animals. Still not convinced? The lucky few who have already gnawed on the stringy sinews attached to the lab-grown bone say they can’t even tell the difference between that and slurping marrow out of the real thing.

Seriously, how cool is that? This is incredible news for anyone who loves the environment but also loves scooping out a nice, wet hunk of cartilage, or wants to lick off extra sauce or fat. The researchers also advised that the lab-grown bones can be used to make delicious soup stock.

Wow. That sure sounds like the future to us! Hopefully, someday soon it won’t just be scientists with this technology, and everyone will be able to go to the store, buy a lab-grown bone, and go to town on it until it’s completely clean.