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Incredible! This Child Wet The Bed During A Sleepover And Managed To Throw Away The Sheets Before Anyone Found Out!

Now this is cool.

Michael LaPorte may only be 9 years old, but he’s already accomplished something amazing. Last Friday, while having a sleepover at his friend Caleb’s house, Michael wet the bed. Most kids would shamefully tell their friend’s parents, or leave the soggy, urine-soaked sheets where they are and hope nobody ever brings it up. But not Michael.

Instead, this incredible wunderkind decided to do something, and so he threw all the wet sheets in the garbage so nobody would ever find them. At 4 a.m., while everyone else in the house was asleep, Michael skillfully took the bedsheets off the creaky fold-up cot he was using, keeping the spring squeaks and rustling cloth sounds quiet enough not to wake Caleb up.

Michael then wadded the sheets into a big damp ball and snuck downstairs, where he stuffed them into the kitchen garbage can. Astonishing!

This is already an impressive feat, but it gets even more astounding when you learn what Michael did next: He quietly crept to the linen closet directly outside Caleb’s parents’ bedroom and got fresh sheets to put on the cot so nobody would notice the original sheets were missing. Even most adults wouldn’t be that clever!

The next morning, Michael ate breakfast with Caleb and the other sleepover attendees like nothing ever happened. Amazing!

Your first instinct after hearing this story might be to feel bad that you haven’t done anything this awesome in your own life, but wait. Instead, look to Michael as your inspiration—he’s proven that anyone can achieve great things if they put their mind to it. Next time you’re feeling down and don’t believe in yourself, just think of the scared little boy who overcame his fear, bravely gathered those moist, pungent sheets in his arms, and stuffed them way down at the bottom of the trash can where no one would ever notice them.

If he can do it, you can do it. Thank you, Michael!