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Make Them Yours! Use The Slider To Buy Some Congressmen

If you have tons of money and haven’t inserted yourself into American politics, what the heck are you waiting for?! Use the sliders below to turn these American politicians into YOUR politicians!

Buying a congressman is like a fun sport for rich people! Don’t you want to give it a try? Empty out that pocket book of yours!

Doesn’t it feel good to participate in the democratic process? Purchase yourself a congresswoman who will pass legislation that allows you to claim your collection of exotic birds as children on your federal taxes!

Are you trying to get some sweet, sweet government funds to build a private island for wealthy people called Rich Person Land Boat? Just slip this congressman a couple grand in campaign donations and you will get everything you need!

Go ahead and slide this congresswoman some money. If she refuses, you’ll just give the money to her primary challenger. Either way, you’ll get a legislator of your very own. You can’t lose!

Don’t have a specific thing you want from an elected official right now? Give this congressman some money anyway, and when you think of a tax break for the fabulously wealthy later, you’ll already own him! Isn’t democracy simply grand??

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