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Market Chaos: Revlon Stocks Are Plummeting After This Guy On A Date Said He Thinks Women Look More Beautiful Without Makeup

If you’re a Revlon shareholder, you may want to call your stock broker ASAP. The cosmetics giant is in complete triage mode after a man on a date sent its stocks spiraling downward when he commented that women look more beautiful without any makeup at all.

Uh-oh. Revlon really has its work cut out for it.

In news that has industry players reeling, 26-year-old Tyler Garcia mentioned to his date whom he had first met only 30 minutes prior that he thinks women look most attractive when they just look like themselves, flaws and all. When word that Tyler thinks women are sexiest when they’re just in sweats and a ponytail, without any blush or concealer, spread to financial circles, investors began to sell Revlon stocks in a full-on panic.

Though prices did stabilize briefly after Tyler later admitted to his date that, while he likes the au naturale look, a “little lipstick never hurt anyone,” the prices once again went into free fall when Tyler opined how women look gorgeous right when they wake up in the morning.

“Tyler’s statement that going makeup-free really lets a woman’s personality shine through is unprecedented for the cosmetics industry,” said Karen Daye, a stock market analyst. “If we hear more comments from him that wearing no makeup shows self-assurance and that there’s nothing sexier than confidence, Revlon will continue to fall in the future.”

Wow. The long-term effects of Tyler’s views aren’t clear yet, but we don’t envy the people in charge over at Revlon.