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Pathetic: This Man Doesn’t Have The Stones

Some people can talk the talk but just can’t walk the walk, and one especially pitiful little chump is living proof that not everybody has what it takes: This man doesn’t have the stones.

Time to run home to Mama, li’l fella.

While we’d all hoped he might finally nut up and show some sack for once in his life, unfortunately it appears that this guy just doesn’t have the spunk, the moxie, or the chutzpah to make that happen. If you want to make it in this world you need grit, cojones, and respect, and this wimp wouldn’t know toughness if it came up and slapped the pacifier out of his mouth. Sorry to say it, but this thin-skinned, teary-eyed baby just hasn’t got the right stuff, plain and simple.

Of course, it’s not just that this chump doesn’t have the huevos—he also doesn’t have the guts or the backbone, and motherfucker especially doesn’t have the heart. Someone without the stones can still get by well enough if they’ve got heart, but this chickenshit loser doesn’t even have that. Hell, we’re amazed he ever managed to swim out of his Daddy’s ballsack without someone holding his hand. If you were looking for someone with some actual brass ones on him, though, you’d best look elsewhere.

Makes us fucking sick, this guy.

A couple words of advice, buttercup: You need to toughen up, put some hair on your chest, and grow a pair, because playtime’s over and nobody’s gonna come and make it all better just because you don’t have what it takes. In this world, there are people who have the stones, and people who don’t, and right now you’re looking pretty damn clearly like someone who don’t. And you know what? We didn’t always have the stones. It’s true. But then the going got tough, we made a conscious decision to sack up and face the world head-on, and now we’ve got the stones. That’s what really separates us, cupcake. Stones, specifically the ones you haven’t got.

What a pathetic little pushover this guy is. Let this be a lesson to anyone who thinks they don’t need to have the stones, because out here, that just isn’t how things work.